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a/ You need to be first registered as an ENCIRCLE Community Member to access the catalog.

b/ You can register in a Community at different levels associated with different “rights”:

  • As a Practitioner and Customer community member:
    • On behalf of your Organization or as an “individual”,
    • With or without (operational) systems and tools,
  • As a Technological and Industrial community member
    • On behalf of your Organization or as an individual expert,
    • You need to register at least one tool or one project to be accepted.

c/ The registration process is the following:

  • Open the ENCIRCLE dynamic Catalog home page:,
  • Click either on “Register as Practitioner and Customer community” or on “Register as Technological and Industrial community”,
  • Fill in the organization, points of contact, functions compulsory fields,
  • For the Technological and Industrial community, fill at least one tool or project,
  • Electronically sign the Letter of Intend  (LOI)  by ticking the box when proposed
  • Submit your request (at the bottom of the questionnaire),
  • Your request will be approved by the project Management Board,
  • At the end of this procedure, you will receive a link to activate your account and choose your password.

In the ENCIRCLE catalog first version (2017), the EDEN needs and gaps primarily came from the EDEN user workshops in Year One of the project and from the EDEN demonstration feedbacks. They have been complemented by a few needs identified in particular in the ENCIRCLE first workshop in September 2017.

EDEN took into consideration results from previous projects, especially DECOTESSC1, CBRNEmap and PRACTICE, as well as the experience available among the Consortium partners. The Consortium members who have participated in previous projects were informed about the classified issues concerning CBRNe, and have worked to include these as more general aspects into the unclassified parts of the needs as far as possible.To expand and update the information gathered from experts and previous projects, EDEN organized CBRNe end-user workshops to obtain further information on end-user needs and requirements that may have an impact on the project. EDEN utilised a broad definition of end-users, ranging from first responders to decision-makers, from research institutes to media and others. 

Workshop invitations were issued to the end-user partners in the EDEN Consortium and to the End User Platform (EUP) members, as well as to other external end-users deemed relevant by the EDEN WP20 partners who were then invited to formally join the EUP. The invitations contained information about the main purposes of the EDEN project, the EDEN Toolbox of Tollboxes and Store, EDEN demonstrations, the EDEN EUP and objectives for the end-user workshops. Four workshops were organized; two in Brussels (November 2013 and January 2014), one in Bucharest (January 2014) and one in Vienna (January 2014). The objectives of the workshops were to inform end-users about EDEN and obtain information to verify, expand and complement results from end-user needs and gaps analyses performed in previous projects. In addition to a session providing information about EDEN and the background for the project, the workshops contained two main sessions for obtaining end-user input.

To use the networking functionallity of the forum, you just have to:

1 -click on the "Network and Groups" button;

2- log in, using the details you recived by mail shortly after your acceptance to Encircle Network from with the title "Welcome to the new Network and groups forum";

3- consult in the same mail or inside the forum group named "Forum Help and FAQ" the pdf tutorial file.