Introduction to the ENCIRCLE Dynamic Catalog

ENCIRCLE is a 4-year project designed to improve competitiveness and procurement of CBRNe technologies for the advantage of both European CBRNe industry and practitioners. The project results are enabled and promoted in two main channels:

  • 1) via a web-portal, the Dynamic Catalog, of available tools and technologies facilitating technologies integration and standardization for SMEs and industries, for various market segments and different categories of users and
  • 2) by providing support to the European Commission in identifying research gaps and proposing means to fill them

Background and objectives

To improve its resilience to new CBRNe attacks and threats, the EU needs a specialized, efficient and sustainable industry, competitive on a less fragmented EU market and globally.

Capitalizing on its experience in the EDEN Demonstration Project, in other CBRNe relevant projects and in the CBRNe market and supply chain, the ENCIRCLE consortium will implement an innovative approach to reach this goal in a short to long term perspective so that SMEs and large industries can propose and invest in the best innovations on the market.

This approach is driven by five objectives aimed at prompting the innovation and business development, and filling market gaps in the project timeframe:

  • Create an open and neutral EU CBRNe cluster
  • Provide a sustainable and flexible vision and roadmap for the development of the European CBRNe market and innovations
  • Provide integration with platforms (systems, tools, services, products) by proposing standardized interfaces and future EU standards to integrate CBRNe technologies and innovations developed from the Part b Research Innovation Action projects
  • Support CBRNe safety, security and defence commercial and market services
  • Improve and facilitate European CBRNe dissemination and exploitation

The project is conducted by a consortium of specialized industries, trade associations, end users and research organizations with flexible and lean procedures under the advice of the EC Community of Users.

Based on a need and gap assessment, state of the art, innovation watch and market analysis, ENCIRCLE will issue twice a year, a list of technologies that need to be developed with a view to integrating them into the platforms, building upon the ENCIRCLE “Dynamic Catalog” information.

It will rely on two large interactive “communities”: Practitioners and Customers, and Industrial and Technological providers, the latter including many SMEs. The communities will meet each year in dedicated workshops.

To optimize the needs and gaps assessment and the innovation development, acceptance and success, ENCIRCLE will establish formal links with other consortia such as the future SEC 05 Part b RIA projects.

The main expected impact is to enhance the EU CBRNe industry competitiveness and enlarge its market while increasing the benefits of the EU research and innovation to improve CBRNe preparedness, response, resilience and recovery efficiency.

ENCIRCLE dynamic catalog short description

In recent years many EU, national and international research and innovation activities focused on the developments in the CBRNe field were or are still carried out within EU Framework Programs, EDA, national programs and by industry. The CBRNe cluster shall collect and evaluate the state of the art and the results of these projects and propose how to the fill the remaining related gaps to satisfy the market and avoid unnecessary duplications. For this objective, ENCIRCLE will develop and operate a Dynamic Catalog, a webportal with databases, networks, market place and different functions, to support this activity in an open, flexible and interactive manner. The databases will be filled in by the members of the ENCIRCLE communities (see below) and by the results of the ENCIRCLE workshops.

The main benefits of a community membership for practitioners, customers, industry and  research and technology organizations are

ENCIRCLE Practitioners and Customers Community:

  • Being involved in the ENCIRCLE state of the art assessment, by participating in workshops,
  • Being involved in workshops to improve policy, procurement and market development and service support for new innovations,
  • Providing feedback on the catalog contents so that it can be iteratively improved,
  • Being aware of all products available on the market.

ENCIRCLE Industrial and Technological Community:

  • Being able to register, promote and disseminate current and future products and services in the catalog,
  • Being able to network and eventually integrate with other suppliers,
  • Gain access to end-users and potential customers,
  • Being able to link with practitioners and ENCIRCLE partners.
  • The catalog will contain non-classified information about:
  • a summary of needs and gaps (unclassified and not confidential information),
  • CBRNe technologies and tools description,
  • generic, dual and related non-specific CBRNe products and technologies and a CBRNe-related projects database.

The catalog gathers:

  • the current and urgent new requests (new threats, needs, solutions) resulting in potential procurement or future research and innovation depending on the timescale (announcement of opportunities or ideas competition),
  • requests for information for capabilities (systems/technologies) from the users,
  • technology push and information from the suppliers,
  • recommended standardized interfaces along the end users’ systems and integrating platforms general description,
  • links to calls and CBRNe oriented conferences and exhibitions,
  • non-technological lessons learnt from EU projects (both ways),
  • sources of funding and procurement agencies,
  • updated information on EU and national instruments, and
  • cluster business discussions and main results.

The Dynamic Catalog web-portal provides registration and support to the two ENCIRCLE communities: the Practitioners and Customers Community and the Technological and Industrial and Community which are the main users of the Dynamic Catalog.

An advanced search engine facilitates navigation through the catalog, and secure networks will support the two communities’ exchanges.

The catalog recommends, among other functions, the list of (technology) gaps and needs, among which the priority research and innovation topics for the future CBRN security calls, in particular the SEC 05 Part b projects, can be selected to let the suppliers orientate their R&D activities.

ENCIRCLE communities points of contact

The purpose of the ENCIRCLE Industrial and Technological Community and Practitioners and Customers Community is to provide the opportunity for independent advice and an authoritative steer for the project. It is the opportunity for industry including SMEs, Research and Technology Organizations and Academia to raise awareness on their products and tools, including procedures and human and social sciences methods and their project results towards integrators, other suppliers, practitioners and future customers.

To join the Industrial and Technological Community, fill in the questionnaire on line in the Dynamic Catalog ( and send the signed Letter of Intent (Annex 2) to Thierry Pollet:

To join the Practitioners and Customers Community, fill in the questionnaire on line in the Dynamic Catalog ( and send the signed Letter of Intent (Annex 3) to:

To register for the catalog access and join one of the communities: access the dynamic catalog portal at In case of difficulties, you can send a request to:


a/ You need to be first registered as an ENCIRCLE Community Member to access the catalog.

b/ You can register in a Community at different levels associated with different “rights”:

  • As a Practitioner and Customer community member:
    • On behalf of your Organization or as an “individual”,
    • With or without (operational) systems and tools,
  • As a Technological and Industrial community member
    • On behalf of your Organization or as an individual expert,
    • You need to register at least one tool or one project to be accepted.

c/ The registration process is the following:

  • Open the ENCIRCLE dynamic Catalog home page:,
  • Click either on “Register as Practitioner and Customer community” or on “Register as Technological and Industrial community”,
  • Fill in the organization, points of contact, functions compulsory fields,
  • For the Technological and Industrial community, fill at least one tool or project,
  • Electronically sign the Letter of Intend  (LOI)  by ticking the box when proposed
  • Submit your request (at the bottom of the questionnaire),
  • Your request will be approved by the project Management Board,
  • At the end of this procedure, you will receive a link to activate your account and choose your password.

Latest update: 2017-10-03